Epidemiological research paper

epidemiological research paper

resulting from DNA breakage and rearrangement. A critical assumption of both models was that the underlying cancer rates (in the absence of phone use) remained constant at the levels determined for the period 1992-6, when use was relatively modest. Oct 03, sERforum - Live Discussion, join. We estimated the number of subscriptions per capita for each year by dividing the number of subscriptions by the total US population in that year (fig 1 ).

However, the latency periods used in our essay on samay ka sadupyog in hindi models were based on observations in the Interphone study 4 and Swedish study. The effect of chronic exposure to 835.62 MHz fdma or 847.74 MHz cdma radiofrequency radiation on the incidence of spontaneous tumors in rats. We estimated data for 1982-4 by log linear regression, with the assumption that the number of subscriptions per year was approximately C exp year (where C and are parameters determined by the regression). Martha Werler, 12pm EST. Table 7 Trends in seer glioma rates for non-Hispanic white people over the period View this table: The result of assuming a true association of mobile phone use greatly increased the expected glioma rates.