Marijunua legalization essay

marijunua legalization essay

scientists and the other head honchos of our society believe legalizing Marijuana would cause for more hard drug use. Aside from the partial legalisation of Marijuana in Amsterdam, Germany has ordered jurisprudence enforcement officers to halt arresting citizens found with little sums of Marijuana, Italians have voted for drug usage depenalization, and in Spain, the longest day ever papaers or essays marihuana is non punishable. Many officers recognize that marihuana is a benign attractive force and that enforcement generates ill will from otherwise observant users. Wrestling With Destiney Ventura.

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It is educated individuals like these that support legalization efforts(Sex). In spite of studies such as the one cited it is still taught that marijuana is a gateway drug. We are committing police resources to not only stopping smokers, but growers, dealers, traffickers, and smugglers. Granted, a number of supporters have no medical use for the drug, but the claim of its medicinal value is a practical one. The counter argument for the marijuana activists does not say that when you are high you are able to drive. Marijuana is even a helping factor for relieving some symptoms.I.D.S. Marijuana is socially accepted in the United States. Each twelvemonth the DEA spends.3 billion a twelvemonth contending marihuana. Marijuana activists feel it was the first step to total legalization of Marijuana. Why must all of this money be wasted on recommend a restaurant essay a war on drugs that can neer be won? The argument simply states that you are eighty-five percent more likely to get in an accident when drunk and high than when you are solely high. Robert Heath, who in the 1970s tested Marijuana on laboratory monkeys.

Includes factual knowledge Legalization Of Marijuana Essay Examples. Legalization.Why the United States Should Legalize the Use of Marijuana Essay. Legalizing Marijuana Essay Examples. The drug marijuana is perhaps the most widely controversial drug in America.