Campus design thesis pdf

campus design thesis pdf

Name of Jesus Catholic Picture Taken By: Charissa Williams Elementary School. Exterior A captivating view of the interior space, experienced by visitors and by-passers. There are a variety of different types of learning taken into con- sideration for these spaces: Formal Learning, Collaborative Learning, Individual Study, and Computer Aided Learning.

campus design thesis pdf

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Utilization of views to the site as pathways that meet The main circulation path is highlighted in red, acting as the railroad, and intersect with one connecting all functions clearly and easily to one another. 2 Visual Connection Scale: N/A Visual Connection. Back The counselling areas, located within the red component, are enclosed and separated for privacy and con- fidentiality, meanwhile the learning space within the mesh structure is showcased and on display to promote a sense of pride and involvement with the rest of the space. Front With the purpose of highlighting the transition from the liveliness of the cafeteria, to the more structured atmosphere of the learning spaces, and finally to the rigidity of the office administrative areas, this form was developed to act as both a visual and physical. A key focus on enhancing and exposing the play with proportion and place- ment adds to this intriguing view into the space. Armstrong Wave Ceiling System. Users will not 2Site have to pass through the educational facility in order to arrive at these areas. Interior: Conceptual Form An experiential atmosphere influenced by exterior views, lighting effects, and a strong dominant form. While providing a safe, secure, and stable environment for vulnerable families, unique ways of offering housing, and educational support services are addressed. 2010 Thesis Project, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, like this presentation? 11 Visual Connection Scale: N/A Visual Connection.