Essay on the hunger games by suzanne collins

essay on the hunger games by suzanne collins

low living standard, but their main job is coal miner, which cannot help them earn enough money (Collins,., 2008,.4). As Susan Collins continues her work in the field of literature, her work continues to emphasize her personal family influences, influences from the idea of war, the importance that reading is for all ages, and the importance of hope in her writing. For the last many centuries, romance as a genre, is arguably the most popular of all narratives. There are many themes but I have chosen these 3 because they show the most emotions and power. The Capitols citizens are the richest person in the country while the districts are suffering from poverty every day (Shmoop,.d.). I protect Prim in every way I can, but im powerless against the reaping, (pg.15). Authors like Suzanne Collins keep the concept of imagination alive by sparking ideas that could influence the world prodigiously from such vivid sources.

Better Essays 1361 words (3.9 pages) - The Hunger Games is a fantastic science fiction novel by the great and renowned American writer Suzanne Collins. She knew a special way with only using leaves.To my surprise, Rue places the handful of leaves into her mouth and begins to chew them. When the day of the reaping arrives, a surprise tribute is chosen. Katnisss mother did not handle it well. Katniss is a 16 year old who has been chosen with 23 other tributes. What Katniss does is a death sentence, but also an act of true love. Friends are, usually, people who are similar to each other and get along.

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In my class we have studied themes and key ideas such as Power of the Capitol, Competition against other tributes and Sacrifice for what Katniss acts and does in the Hunger Games. And the reason, which leads to that issue, is the policies of the dictatorship show more content, the Hunger Games novel written by Suzanne Collins reflects significant issues in the reality world nowadays which relate to the humanity, the poverty, the violence, It describes the. After a minute or so, Rue presses a sloppy green wad of chewed leaves and spit on my knee (Collins 200). In the beginning of the novel, Suzanne Collins describes clearly the scene of the poverty, the terrible fear of the 12-districts villagers, in contrast to the wealthy of the Capitols citizens. tags: film and book analysis. As the plot continues it becomes apparent that Katniss is rebelling against the Capital in a way that the Capital cannot stop, for they fear the start of another rebellion. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. So why then are people seeking romance in the literature they ready.

Prims name has only been entered once (21). At this point in the book, Collin demonstrates exactly what I mean by Katniss showing her strength,.I examine the content of the first-aid kit. Katniss shows she is a good person by forming alliances and taking care of other tributes. Tributes are people who live in the districts. New York: Scholastic Press.

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