Farmer suicides essay

farmer suicides essay

of duty credit scrips may be tried. This creates stress, frustration and they could see the only option in front their eyes which is suicide. If there is no rain there is no crop and it will affect farmers financial condition because agriculture is the only way bind your thesis of earning their living. Nabard and local administration must take control of the situation and play a greater role in curbing farmers suicides. National weather risk management system must be put in place to alert farmers about the extreme weather conditions. This is just a core information you can take help from other sources to get more information. In this article, we are analysing the farmers suicides in India and its related data, the reasons and the way forward. This is clear enough an indication for drawing correlations between the two. The matter is serious and the government is working towards controlling this problem.

farmer suicides essay

India is an agrarian country with around 70 of its people depending upon agricult ure.
But farmers suicides in India is worrying.
India is an agricultural country and farmers are the backbone of o ur country.
We get to eat two times bread and butter happily because they owe.
International Government - Farmer Suicides in India.

70 cut in Monsantos Royalties. Through pooling of lands, the small farmers can avail the economies of cultivating on a larger scale. We also see slums, factories with horrible workings conditions, Beggars and rag pickers on the roads living on less than the bare minimum needed to survive.When I was 12 years old I saw a women feeding her child of a trash can and. Conclusion, it is high time the government of India starts taking the grave issue of farmer suicides more seriously. So possible solution can be making institutional finance available to every farmer so that they can be saved from traps of vicious money lenders. Cost of chemicals and seeds: Be it the fertilisers, crop protection chemicals or even the seeds for cultivation, farming has become expensive for the already indebted farmers. Contrast this with how we have been imposing minimum import price to secure our steel sector.

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