Religion has done more harm than good essay

religion has done more harm than good essay

of history, religion has been a part of society and culture. In the Bible it is"d : Do not repay evil with evil 1 Peter 3:9 and in other place its said. Secondly, Hinduism is also a very peaceful religion, the example is in form of all the world, The Gandhi, who himself was a peace lover and was a great advocate of peace. Each soul tries to control and rule the other soul. All religions in their pure forms are too peaceful and non-violent.

Has religion done more good than harm?

religion has done more harm than good essay

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Buddhism teaches not to be violent, then what of the massacre of Muslims in Myanmar? That is helplessness. So many religions, so many people who believe in God yet they are never one in mind and in heart. Teachings OF MAN-made religions towards NON-violence.e., Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, above mentioned religions preach peace BUT still violence IS done IN THE name OF religion i) Unrest between Shia Sunni ii) Muslims in Myanmar are subject to cruelty iii) Zionists against Palestinians iv) West. If Hinduism teaches its followers not to be harsh by speech then how will It teach to be violent by actions? Religion is an important aspect of life, it influences a great many things. The idea of Liberation Theology came out of this area and it emphasizes liberation from social, political, and economic oppression as an anticipation of ultimate salvation (. So there is a chronic strife between Christians and Muslims thus the peace of the world is crippled and gimpy. This act is something that no religion of the world allows or propagates. Buddhism never advocated violence so here is religion to be blamed or its followers? The Catholic church gets attacked the most for it, I believe.

107 villagers were killed including women and children. Roman 12:21, the Hebrew Bible (Jewish Bible) contains the well known commandment. To love thy (Your) neighbor as thyself (yourself). But I don't believe and have a religion.